Who should my realtor or closing attorney contact for selling/closing information if I’m selling or refinancing my home ?

Please refer to our covenants with regards to realty and directional signs. Closing information is provided by contacting our Home Sales Committee. Additionally, you may contact Property Management Incorporated at 470-238-9150.

Who should I contact to report vandalism or suspicious behavior in the neighborhood? ​

Call the police first if you are witnessing the vandalism or suspicious event, and then contact one of the Board of Directors. Emergencies should be reported to 911. For non-emergency reports call 770-513-5000. If you notice any vandalism that has occurred please contact us.

Who should I contact about problems with nuisance animals?

We suggest that you try to work the situation out with the neighbor whose animal you are having difficulty with. If this is not possible then you need to contact Animal Control. They can be reached at 770-339-3200. Animal Control will only respond to the individual who witnesses any infractions of Animal Control Ordinances.

Who should be contacted to report street light outages?

You may report it on-line to to Georgia Power or call 1-888-891-0938. They will need the pole number (located on a plate on the pole) and the address the pole is located near.

Where do I send my dues payment?

You can now pay your annual dues online. Visi the online portal for Property Management and register for an account.

Alternatively, you can mail your payments to :

The Oaks at Lanier HOA
c/o PMI Northeast Atlanta
1400 Buford Highway, Suite K-1
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

What should I do if I wish to rent my home?

Please contact a Director or the President of the HOA. It is essential that we know who will be residing in your home and that we have a forwarding address for you, as you remain responsible for dues and your tenants adhering to the covenants.

What if I want to make an improvement (i.e. paint), or make changes to my existing structure (ie: patio, storage unit, treehouse, etc.)?

Before any work can begin, you must first get approval from both the Oaks at Lanier Homeowners Association as well as the City of Sugar Hill. To find out what work must be approved, please review the neighborhood Covenants and check with the City of Sugar Hill Building Department. If you are still unsure of what must be approved, please do not hesitate to contact the Homeowners Association.

What do my association dues cover?

Association dues provide for the upkeep and maintenance of all common areas (two pools with pool houses, two playground areas, the front entrance and a basketball court), utilities, and basic costs of HOA business.

What are the guidelines for storing/parking trailers, boats, and recreational vehicles?

No school bus, truck or commercial vehicle over one (1) ton capacity, house trailer, mobile home, motor home, recreational vehicle, camper, habitable motor vehicle of any kind, boat or boat trailer, trailers of any kind, or like equipment, exceeding thirty (30) feet in length shall be permitted on any Lot on a permanent basis, but shall be allowed on a temporary basis…Vehicles and equipment which are less than thirty (30) feet in length, shall be permitted on a temporary basis only, unless stored within the garage with garage door closed, or upon the rear of the Lot unless otherwise approved by the ACC.

What are the basic guidelines for fences?

Fences must be six (6) feet tall. The design can be straight (either shadowbox or standard design) or a scalloped wood fence. Scalloped wood fence must have center fence height 6 to 8 inches lower than six (6) foot pickets. Fence pickets can be either dog-eared or French gothic design. Fences must be natural color stained, not painted. Supports must face the owner of the fence, if shadowbox design is not used. Corner lot fences can not extend into the side yard toward the street, if the home’s backyard faces the side of a neighbor’s home. The spacing of pickets must be less than 1 inch for a standard design fence (preferred spacing is ¼ inch). Fences must be placed within the property line or set back five (5) feet from the property line. Fences must connect to the back corner of the house or extend no farther than the center of the home. Chain link fences and split rail fences are not allowed. Design and material list must be submitted with approval form to ACC (include layout sketch of fence showing property line.) No construction prior to approval by Architectural Control Committee.

What about satellite dishes?

Satellite dishes 1 meter (39”) or smaller in diameter are allowed. Site location must be approved by ACC (preferred location behind house structure and out of sight of the street).

According to the FCC, community organizations (HOA) to have written restrictions that provide a prioritized list of placement preferences so that residents can see where the association wants them to install the satellite. The residents should comply with the placement preferences provided the preferred placement does not impose unreasonable delay or expense or preclude reception of an acceptable quality signal.

Recommended Locations:
1. On chimney out of sight of the street (20 feet from the ground)
2. Backyard side of home out of sight of a street (highest location possible)
3. Side of home (highest location possible)

How much are association dues?

The 2018 dues are currently $310.00 a year. These may be paid annually ($310.00) or semi-annually ($155.00 each installment). There is a 10% late fee applied after the grace period.

How do I obtain a new pool access key card?

New cards, extra cards and replacement cards can be obtained by contacting us.  Please be reminded that verification of standing may have to be obtained from the treasurer before the card can be released. The security access code is changed yearly and cards will be updated automatically if homeowner is in good standing.

Are there initiation fees for new home owners?

There is a $200.00 initiation fee for new homeowners.