The Architectural Control Committee’s (ACC) responsibility is to approve and review any proposed installation on any lot to preserve an aesthetically pleasing design throughout the neighborhood. It is the architectural control committee’s policy to review the installation with the requesting homeowner, since each installation may pose unique challenges. The ACC has the right from time to time to adopt or amend guidelines (“the Design Standards”) for the purposes of assuring the conformity and harmony of external design and the general quality of the development. (Per covenant section 5.04a).

As a reminder, please submit a request form for all fences, satellite dishes, decks, sun porches, retaining walls, dog houses, driveway alterations, room additions, exterior house colors and all buildings/structures to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

Please allow 2 weeks after the submitted approval form for ACC review and decision. Once the ACC has given approval to the homeowner to start construction, the project must be completed within the given finish date. All ACC signed approval forms expire within 6 months if the project was never started. If the homeowner decides to do the project at a later time, a new request form should be submitted for the project. We request each homeowner to review their projects with adjacent neighbors to see if they have any concerns with the improvement, such as a fence or structure.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For your protection, inquire with the city, county, and/or any other government agency applicable regarding required permits before starting any work on your property involving new construction, alterations, or additions, etc. Contact the City of Sugar Hill for more details on permits at 770-945-6716 (ask for planning & zoning department).

To submit your request.

1. Log in to the Homeowners Portal

2. Select the “ACC Request” option under your account. 

3. Follow the steps to submit your request.